At Fullerton Markets, we like to let our work speak for itself. Since our inception, we've envisioned ourselves as being a disruptive force in the trading industry. And we've done just that – building a company that prides itself on fund safety, quick execution, and a system of wealth creation.

We’ve made it possible by ensuring we stand by our core values – Passion, Excellence, Commitment and Sustainability.

We’re a team that bleeds passion. We seek discovery through new challenges and see growth in innovation. We’re also driven and dedicated to growing the wealth of each of our clients – by providing them with the opportunities to learn and thrive in their financial journey. That's why whenever a passionate heart looks to trade or invest, we are delighted to partner with them.

Excellence has become the hallmark of our offerings. We partner with some of the biggest banks and provide tier-one liquidity from each of them. Our clients enjoy access to the largest financial markets in the world and the most seamless trading experience on our platform. Our track record of excellence has been recognised globally, with the company receiving multiple awards over the years.

Commitment is our tagline. Fullerton Markets promises unparalleled safety with Fullerton Shield – our triple-level fund safety protection plan. We also provide Negative Balance Protection, which ensures our clients never end up with a negative balance in their trading accounts. At Fullerton Markets, we aspire to create an environment built on trust, where everyone is safe to grow their wealth.

Lastly, Fullerton Markets prides itself on sustainability. Our long-term vision involves seeing each of our clients compete effectively in the financial markets and make adept financial decisions that will serve them far into the future. Our ultimate goal is to continually build on our brand as the leading Forex brokerage in Asia, pioneer the future of trading and entrepreneurship, and make a difference within our communities.


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