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Fullerton Markets’ MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is an institutional multi-asset platform offering outstanding trading possibilities by allowing traders to leverage multiple technical analysis tools. Traders on this platform will benefit from faster processing times, advanced pending orders and the latest tools/indicators to help them take their trading to the next level.

The MT5 platform provides traders with more flexibility in their trading activities given that it comes equipped with additional trading functionalities and advantages that are not available on the MT4 platform. While more widely accessible, the older MT4 platform, running on less updated software, will eventually be phased out and, as early as now, existing and new traders must learn to navigate and adapt to MT5, which is likely to become the trading platform of choice in the future.


Key Features of Fullerton Markets’ MT5 Platform:

  • 21 timeframes
  • 6 pending order types
  • More technical indicators and analytical objects
  • Built-in economic calendar
  • MQL5 programming language
  • Real-time Depth of Market (DOM) data
  • Additional order modification
  • Compatibility with newer operating systems
  • Better server capabilities and database size
  • In-app shortcut to Fullerton Suite
  • Improved sustainability due to its newer technology
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A comparison between MT4 and MT5:








Backtesting / Strategy tester

+ Multi-currency
+ Real ticks


Supported programming language



Depth of Market (DOM)


Built-in Economic Calendar


Partial order filling policies




Balance transaction types

Credit, Bonus, Balance, Correction, Commission, Agent, Interest, Charge

Balance, Credit



Which is the trading platform for you?

  • Depends on your personal preference and trading activities
  • MT4: Widely available and sufficient for trading currencies
  • MT5: Offers you the flexibility of trading varied financial instruments and provides added features that give you an edge when trading

A full comparison of the two platforms here.

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